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jennifer 23rd March 2006 05:12

I have eggs from my N. strauchii again this year, happily. Something I noticed last year, and see again, is that there are a surprisingly large % of embryos that develop, but die before hatching. Out of my current batch of 14 embryos (all about the same age), I have 2 that are clearly defective.

The first photo is one that appears normal for its age. Second, one that has a bulbous abdomen. And third, a very abnormally-shaped one. The third one wiggles, but it came out of its egg prematurely and I'm sure it will die soon.

kyle 23rd March 2006 05:21

Thats very interesting, and strange. I'd assume genetics is the most practical reason for the mutations, as I'm sure you may not have an extremely diverse group? Are there any other's not from the same group as yours in the U.S.?

Best of luck on succesfuly raising them again this year!

jennifer 23rd March 2006 23:54

I'm sure mine are inbred. There is only one bloodline of CB N. s. strauchii in the US. There may be some WC specimens "out there" but not part of the current breeding pool.

justin 24th March 2006 22:27

The third picture certainly caught my eye...One of the C. popei I received hatched with the exact same type of swelling. Except for the difference in species it could be the same photo...Makes me wonder if this is a genetic mutation or some type of infection/illness? Maybe bacterial?

Really interesting. We're currently having trouble with our digital camera, otherwise I'd post a pic. of the animal.

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