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Sara88 14th October 2008 23:44

Meal worms and white worms
Meal worms and white worms are these suitible for feeding to axolotls both adults and babies i am running out of worms in the garden and cant afford to buy them but im able to get meal worms and white worms


Jennewt 15th October 2008 02:14

Re: Meal worms and white worms
Meal worms are a bit "crusty" and they are high in fat and low in calcium. An axolotl could probably survive on them for a time, but they aren't a food I would recommend.

Whiteworms are easy to grow, but they would be a bit too small for an adult axie (unless you have some sort of white worms that are different from the ones I know about).

How about a good quality pellet food for carnivores?

Jacquie 15th October 2008 03:32

Re: Meal worms and white worms
Hi Sara,

If I can just add, if you do feed an axolotl mealworms ensure you decapitate the mealworm as it has strong mandibles that can tear through the axolotl's internals.

Sara88 15th October 2008 05:17

Re: Meal worms and white worms
hi there thanks for the replys i wont be feeding my adult axies mealworms i was just wondering about them as a food. The white worms will be for me babys when they get a bit bigger they are about 30mm at the moment


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