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eljorgo 18th March 2010 03:20

Fading belly
Hey folks,
I´ve noticed that from when i recieved my Paramesotriton in late December till now the almost orange colour of the male is poorer than brown... And female´s glooming red is nothing more than a slight glance of orange when comparing with first pictures I took them...Paramesotriton are heavy feeders so its obvious i will not feed them 1mm daphnia or bloodworms that even being rich in carotenes, are not accepted by these monsters... Do what short of thing could I provide them to get back some of their belly beauty?
I am really blind in how to provide carotenes to animals that need a 15cm earthworm per week!
Thanks for time,

Joost 18th March 2010 07:34

Re: Fading belly
Even large newts likes to eat Daphnia and other small food.
(btw: bloodworms are totaly not rich in carotenes)

Azhael 18th March 2010 12:54

Re: Fading belly
True, bloodworms are not a good source of carotenes.
You can inject a solution of a commercial enhancer into the earthworms. If done properly it works rather well.
You can also feed bigger crustaceans, which are the best natural source.

eljorgo 18th March 2010 13:20

Re: Fading belly

Originally Posted by Azhael (Post 226139)
You can also feed bigger crustaceans, which are the best natural source.

humm... Can you be more specific?


Azhael 18th March 2010 14:00

Re: Fading belly
Gammarids, isopods, fresh water shrimp.....
Avoid wild animals, since they are vectors for a variety of parasites.

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