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Sean90 15th October 2012 22:42

Frogs can anyone keep them
This most likely a stupid question, however, are dendrobatids hard to keep? I have had little experience; with my course and in lectures with people that breed some. Are they specialist or can any hobbyist keep them after the correct research of course.

Coastal Groovin 15th October 2012 23:20

Re: Frogs can anyone keep them
I would recommend Epipedobates tricolor as a starter frog. The males call often. They handle a fairly wide amount of conditions. They don't hide excessively. They don't need a large tank. A 4 liter tank would be fine for a pair.

methodik 16th October 2012 07:07

Re: Frogs can anyone keep them

Originally Posted by Sean90 (Post 350098)
Are they specialist or can any hobbyist keep them after the correct research of course.

What else is a specialist, if not someone who did correct research? Of course you can keep them, if you know how to do it and have the necessary equip. If you do correct research, you will probably come across some info about what species are harder to keep and which are "beginners". I agree with coastal though: E. antonyi or tricolor are often suggested for beginners: awesome behavior, not hard to keep and breed, can be kept in relatively small housing (though I wouldnt go under 30cm x 30 cm x 30 cm) and last but not least - they dont cost that horrific prices of other "rare" dendrobatids.

Greetings Jakob

TylototritonGuy 16th October 2012 14:45

Re: Frogs can anyone keep them
I have to agree with Jakob, anything ( I always say this to everyone asking the same question) if you actually bother to research them is "Easy" to keep, however there is no easy in my opinion, you make it easy for yourself if you research them. But by saying Dendrobatid, you are talking about approximately 178 species in total some ranging from "Expert" to "Beginner" so you need to be slightly clearer as to what genus your thinking about keeping/researching lol

Most species from the Dendrobatidae family are quite simple to keep but like CG and Jakob said E.tricolor (Phantasmal Poison Frogs) are very simple to keep, I would also recommend as a first species Hyolaxus azureiventris (Sky-blue Poison Dart Frog), Dendrobates leucomelas (Bumblebee Poison Dart Frog) or even a Dendrobates Tinctorius (Dyeing Dart Frog).
I really dislike calling anything a "Beginner" species because even the most hardy species can die if the person doesnt bother to actually research into the care of the animal lol.

You can find Tricolor's at very very cheap prices, I have seen 10 each before now, even cheaper than that sometimes! But having kept them for a long time they are a great species regardless of being very simple to keep, highly recommend them to someone wanting to start out with PDF's. I would say keep them in a group as I think they prefer it by far, I am getting another 3 when I can for that reason lol but a group of say 6 could easily live happily in a 2.5ft x 1.5ft x 2ft Tank (Length x Deep x High).

Of course it's all your choice of what you want to keep, you shouldn't get something because that's what some one recommended.

I think some Mantella species are simple to keep aswell, however I would say start off with PDF's and get experience with them before you start with Mantella. I think my M.aurantiaca are fantastic, my other frog species I have kept or keep are not nearly as bold (Even my Tricolors have never been as bold)

Sean90 16th October 2012 17:42

Thanks for input and have seen some of these for sale recently. Have been researching recently and found local reptile shop that have plenty knowledge. Thought I would ask some keepers opinions

joshfrogz72 28th December 2014 01:25

Re: Frogs can anyone keep them
e anthonyi are such inder rated frogs, they get a cherry red with yellow lines as they get older the redder they get and they breed fairky easy

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