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casey 4th October 2005 04:46

I went into my local aquarium today and I asked the guy in there if he has any male axies and he said - oh i'm not sure I'll just check.

Then he stuck his hand in their tank and proceeded to grab every single one of them, one at a time to check their sex. He disturbed them from hiding places and and everything and they were all swimming around trying to get away from him, looking very distressed.

Surely this can't be good for them?

stipe 4th October 2005 06:14

im not that sure but when i went to the pet shop the man did the same thing. He just stuck his hand in a grabed them. i felt slack and told him to stop.

anyone know if thats bad?

hailz 4th October 2005 06:58

He should have used a soft net, chasing them around with his hand would surely upset them and stress them out. You should avoid handling an axie if you can, its not good for them as it can damage their skin.

natasha 6th October 2005 08:34

Hmm...I pick shortie up every two weeks when I clean her tank. Lift her into a bucket and then again out of the bucket.

I don't know where I heard nets were bad and hands were better? Probably the stupid pet store.

sharn 6th October 2005 09:07

nets are much better, providing they are nice and soft. the oils from our hands and all those other germs can be transferred onto the axies skin

janet 6th October 2005 13:32

i have just got 2 white albino axolotls and the shop told me of the set up that i kneeded so i got it then i found your web site and that has told me different if it is not inconveniant can u send me an e,mail on what is kneeded so they can live happyley hopr to hear from u soon thanks janet

rheann 6th October 2005 13:52

Janet, Welcome to the Forum

Visit this site: to get information and browse through the forum. Also visit these links:

Good luck

You need to have your tank cycled four weeks or so prier to putting your Axolotls in it. If it is not, take your Axolotls out and put them in a bucket with daily water changes and declorinator until your tank is cycled. Cycling your tank will be covered in the links that I gave you.

You also need to follow your tank cycling with a weekly tank cleaning, and 20 -25% water changes weekly. This is 1/4 of the water in the tank with fresh declorinated water.

Also, what are your water condition readings and the size of your tank? If you do not know how to test your water, you can have your local pet shop test it for you, most will do it for free or buy a test kit.

Also, what type of filter are you using?

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