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Kansamander 17th November 2018 06:47

A couple of new Tigers
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I picked up a couple at a pet shop in Shawnee KS. The bottom one is morphing rapidly, and I've got him in a make shift tank with an un-used small paint tray for an incline and small plastic tray with coconut fiber and moss attached. It's untidy, held with Gorilla Hot glue (fast cure, non toxic), but it'll work. I thought for sure the top one would morph first, but he'll probably start any day now. They're on the small side, maybe 6 inches.

Kansamander 17th November 2018 16:01

Re: A couple of new Tigers
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Yay for me!

RoreyRoreyRorey 19th November 2018 03:47

Re: A couple of new Tigers
Itís fascinating that they changed color before morphing! Mine certainly didnít for some reason

Kansamander 3rd December 2018 10:53

Re: A couple of new Tigers
Part of it is lighting, well lit as larvae, but the adult pics were in different location, so I brightened and contrasted the images to see them better.

RoreyRoreyRorey 7th December 2018 03:01

Re: A couple of new Tigers
How are they doing now? Did they both finish morphing?

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