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Sarasota 21st April 2019 22:56

Leucistic vs Normal
I have noticed that most Spanish ribbed newts offered for sale are leucistic. Where are all of the normal juveniles? Can leucistic adults give birth to normal offspring? Also, can newly hatched newts be raised on daphnia? I am new at this.

Thank you.

Viking 22nd April 2019 01:11

Re: Leucistic vs Normal
There is more demand for lucies. Luecistic is a recessive trait so all babies will be the same. I have a tank full of babies that het. The parents have both genes so about 25% are luecistic. My daphnia babies were a little large so the babies did eat baby brine shrimp first. It took several days before they started eating. They are very small at first be eat and grow amazing fast. They hatch about a quarter inch and now at a month getting close to 2 inches. From what I understand the first start to morph around 3 months. I was doing both BBS and Daphnia. I used green water to start Daphnia over the eggs last week and last week those were wiped. You would huge vats to raise feed a group solely daphnia for a couple months.

This is my first batch of newts. I have raised a few batches of axolotls. The newts are more voracious eaters. I hope this answers your questions. If you are looking for adults, this is prime spawning season. I found some through wanted USA classified. I hope this answers your questions.

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