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Hart 19th October 2015 12:40

Anyone got Red Cherry Shrimp?
I'm well aware this isn't right forum but the cross over in knowledge and requirements as well as for food means I think quite a few people would have some going.

I currently have <10 in a separate tank to my Axy but am looking into getting more, I just wondered if anyone would ship EU-UK, or knew of good dealers on the internet. Even better, if anyone has some in Oxfordshire or surrounding counties I could pick them up easily.

Many thanks.

Daimler 20th October 2015 19:16

Re: Anyone got Red Cherry Shrimp?
well i think i buy some in italy, do you want the link?

Hart 20th October 2015 21:32

Re: Anyone got Red Cherry Shrimp?
Yeah, thanks.

I'm just pricing all possible suppliers so if you can message me the link I can work out value for money my self. Do they arrive promptly and in good condition?

Daimler 23rd October 2015 08:03

Re: Anyone got Red Cherry Shrimp?
as for now i don't buy caridina and i don't know if they ship outside italy or if doesn't die during the journey :(

can i post the link here or i use private message? :confused:

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