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warrior 10th January 2010 22:34

Trouble logging in
Iv'e logged in to my username and password and my log in name appears at the top right of the page,but when I go to the forum or other places I am logged off.Why is this?I don't want to keep logging in on every page I go to.How do I fix this or can John Clare fix this?Everytime I visit this page before last week I was automaticly logged in without any trouble.I've restored my password also.Thanks and please help.

Otterwoman 10th January 2010 23:10

Re: Trouble logging in
Is there a box something like 'keep me logged in'? Did you mark that box?

michael 10th January 2010 23:41

Re: Trouble logging in
I used to stay logged in everytime I visited the forum. Now I have to log in everytime I visit the forum. I do stay logged in wherever I navigate on the forum for that session.

Kerry1968 11th January 2010 17:44

Re: Trouble logging in
I have the same problem Michael, I thought it was something I had done! It's very annoying to keep having to log in.

Alejandro 11th January 2010 17:56

Re: Trouble logging in
I am having the same problem as Michael and Kerry.

tony 11th January 2010 18:06

Re: Trouble logging in
I have the same problem get it fixed john please getting old now got a bad memory.

John 11th January 2010 19:21

Re: Trouble logging in
This is a known problem with cookies (the thing that helps your computer to keep you logged in). The problem is on your end. You need to delete our cookie and then log in (don't forget the "Remember" box) and you will be set. To delete the cookie will depend on what browser you have but it is usually an option in privacy or security from the browser's menu.

I use mac firefox and to delete just the cookie I go to the "preferences" menu, then "privacy", then "remove individual cookie", then find "" on the list and click "Remove Cookie". Then log in like I said earlier and your problem will be fixed.

Kerry1968 11th January 2010 22:33

Re: Trouble logging in
Thank you John. I've never done anything with 'cookies' before (except eat them!) but I did as you said and I'm now logged in permenantly again, if I can do it anyone can!

michael 11th January 2010 23:18

Re: Trouble logging in
when I search cookies I think their are about 20 cookies for They say things like bblastactivity bblastvisit bbuserid

Do I delete all of them? I'm kind of lost.

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