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Jessikerr 15th June 2019 19:58

First anphibian tank. Custom build? Please advise
I intend to build my own acrylic or glass tank and apply the slate bottoms(on top of bare bottom tank) and seal it with aquatic silicon. What is stopping me currently is the measurements for adults. Although i plan to buy egg form i have a few concerns about tank sizes for mature axolotls.

Basically, I was wondering the adult axolotls need a lot veriticle swim room?? Because I seem to see a lot of information on them being bottom crawlers who only swim when hunting. As an ascetic, i like the low and long tanks. (Like aquascaping tanks.) But i want to know the MINIMUM height a tank should be, regardless of gallon room in lengt/width. So I can build it withh that in mind

Hayleyy 15th June 2019 23:56

Re: First anphibian tank. Custom build? Please advise
I love a DIY project! I don't think height is too much of a concern, and shorter tanks do work well for axolotls but I would suggest about 30cm high. Take into account the capacity it'll hold because bigger is always better to maintain a healthy cycle. My tank holds about 45cm height of water but I have it filled to 30cm :)

elustig 17th June 2019 02:22

Re: First anphibian tank. Custom build? Please advise
I would agree with Hayleyy, and would like to emphasize the importance of having the larger tank volume. They are similar to bettas; they don't need a lot of vertical swimming room, and mostly move horizontally. But if you plan to have multiple axolotls, you should focus on having enough water in there to maintain a healthy tank. Plus, if you have a large enough tank, you should never have to deal with ammonia build up. In small volume tanks, even with regular, once a week cleanings, ammonia can build up rapidly.

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