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sully 21st February 2016 04:46

Daphnia in the GTA?!
I've been looking like crazy and i cant seem to find any daphnia. if anyone knows of a breeder or somewhere to purchase them please let me know asap. i have babies hatching in about 10 days. or someone who ships within canada that would be great!

ron1fritsch 23rd February 2016 17:53

Re: Daphnia in the GTA?!
Carolina Science is where I bought some last year to hold me over for one week.
Although, they were expensive though.


Joep 26th September 2016 23:03

Re: Daphnia in the GTA?!
try 2 find a pond,with no fish!!
or make a swimmingpoole,with airbubles,give some milkpowder

Biev 28th February 2017 04:33

Re: Daphnia in the GTA?!
Joep - it's winter : P

Sully, you can get live daphnia cultures from Aquabid. I'm not sure how much the international shipping costs are, though. You can also find diapause daphnia eggs on if you want to try hatching them yourself.

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