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charlie 15th March 2006 12:20

Ok. Petsworld in pitt st had banana lilies DAMN cheap ($1.20 each, 3 for $3) so I've got.... 6)

Whats the best way to plant them/care for them. Seems a mutant plant - the leaves and roots both going upwards?

I've planted part of it under the substrate (sand) and kept the leaves facing up?

(no insult intended by plant geek. I'm a fish geek, no doubt!)

rob 15th March 2006 13:28

have a look here Charlie
u will also need med to high light for them to grow well...

jojo 16th March 2006 02:05

Theres many conversations about banana lillies spread throughout the boards..

theresa 16th March 2006 02:26

You can also go to for more answers.

rob 16th March 2006 11:56

yes it is a very good site for info Theresa, but if u ask a question u probably wont get a reply like here, "they seem so snobby"

charlie 16th March 2006 22:14

Thats a perfect link. Got it right it seems. Turned out the plants had that I was told were banana lilies, were not. So i bought 6! (they were cheap!)

Taken out a bit of the elodea and replaced it with the lilies. One of the plants has about 10 inches of roots/branches on it, so I'm pretty happy! just have to see how it grows now

theresa 18th March 2006 03:39

Hey Rob, Interesting. I've never gone on the forum, just looked up different plants. i have done fishgeeks allot and they are rally unsnobby and helpful. Nothing about axies on that site for sure. This is def. the "bomb' on axies and the like. i am very thankful for all the help I have received here, for sure. thanks everyone again...!!!

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