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waltzkatzenblut 25th August 2017 19:55

Emergency evacuation help!!!!!
I'm sure you've all seen on the news hurricane Harvey is coming and I live in Houston. This storm came out of nowhere and I live right on the coast. Does anyone have any emergency tips for moving my axolotls for a few days? There is a storm surge chance in my area and any tips would be beyond appreciated I don't know what to do...

Dace 29th August 2017 00:24

Re: Emergency evacuation help!!!!!
Holy ****! I hope you're Ok as well as the Axies.

Otterwoman 29th August 2017 14:12

Re: Emergency evacuation help!!!!!
A bucket with a lid. THey can survive for a few days in that no problem. Keep the water clean and don't let waste pile up in there.

debadog 31st August 2017 05:34

Re: Emergency evacuation help!!!!!
Oh my god, I hope you and your axie are okay!

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