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Sith the turtle 19th October 2015 13:31

Your favorite coloration of T.granulosa?
Not albino (Not sure if those even exist in the hobby) but what are your favorite natural colorations of the Rough-skinned newt, Mine are the ones with black or very dark brown backs, with gold bellies. Answer with replies and on the poll

TatoTesla 19th October 2015 16:56

I think they all have a variation of those colors I think.. At some times, my T. grans will appear a lot darker or lighter.. I always just assumed that it had to do with shedding as sometimes I've found her shed lying around in the tank. But I agree, the dark brown and gold bellies are gorgeous. I'm also a fan of T. rivularis (which I don't think is existent in the hobby) but the colors are nearly black on the dorsal side and blood orange/red on the ventral side :)

sde 8th May 2016 22:53

Re: Your favorite coloration of T.granulosa?
I voted brown with orange belly and brown with gold (yellow?) belly, though i do really like dark brown with an orange belly as well. However probably my favorites are the "golden" ones, as i call them, which are a light brown, but that's not a poll option.

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