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Solar 5th October 2018 04:18

Help!! I think my axie has fungus
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I think my axie has fungus can anyone tell me if he does it looks like his pigment

Solar 7th October 2018 06:01

I think my axie has fungus
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Hi i was told my axie has fungus ive had him for about a month and ive seen no chnges in his coloration but an expert seen him and said he has fungus so i would like a second opinion and also what morph is he and of hes wild type is this a usual pigment for wild types

Solar 7th October 2018 06:11

Does my axie have fungus
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Could you tell me if my axie has fungus had my water tested said everything was fine bur someone said he has fungus his pigment hasnt changed since i got him and what type is he if hes wild type is this a usual pgment for a wild type

Solar 7th October 2018 14:48

Why wont anyone help me
Ive posted several post about my axolotl having fungus on severly different threads and litterly noone qill respond to me this forum is beginning to be useless

thunder7 7th October 2018 22:55

Re: Why wont anyone help me
I am no expert, but looking at the pictures in the other thread I couldn't really tell. Why don't you try posting clearer pictures of your lotl, especially of the gills, then maybe someone here can figure out if your axie has a fungal infection.

Hayleyy 8th October 2018 02:39

Re: Need advice/help axolotl

Originally Posted by AxiesAllTheWay (Post 490127)
Hi. My Axolotl is having a little issue. He keeps going on to his back and side. He also keeps gapping at the surface. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my little guy?

What are your water parameters?

Hayleyy 8th October 2018 02:52

Re: Does my axie have fungus
I'd say a wildtype, especially seeing the gold ring in the eyes. I can't see any fungus in the pictures. If it's white and fluffy yes it's fungus, if the skin is peeling then it's a slime coat issue. If it's the shiny bits on the skin then it's just the pigment. Hope this helps :)

Hayleyy 8th October 2018 03:17

Re: Why wont anyone help me
I would say since it was the weekend it may be hard for a lot of people to come online. While waiting it helps to check other threads about fungus as it may help you identify it. It's better to just make one post because it'll be hard for everyone and yourself to keep track of them all. I think I responded to one of yours.

Solar 8th October 2018 04:20

Re: Does my axie have fungus
Thank you

Solar 8th October 2018 04:29

Re: Why wont anyone help me
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Ok thanks for responding i was just worried about my axi. It doesnt look like fuzz but there is some white possibly gold may just be pigment heres some more pics sorry for bad camera quality

Otterwoman 8th October 2018 12:34

Re: Why wont anyone help me
The gold spots are definitely pigment.

MnGuy 8th October 2018 17:21

Re: Why wont anyone help me
Sorry you are dealing with this issue. I wouldn't take it personally. The posts on this forum get a lot of views and few responses. There's one with 2,000+ views and just a few responses!

Mostly likely, the people who viewed your post just didn't have a good answer, or, any personal experience with the issue.

Good luck.

Tye 8th October 2018 19:20

Re: Why wont anyone help me
The real value in this forum are the years of backlogged posts with photos and discussions of various issues.
I wouldn't judge this forum's value or usefulness on how many people can reply to your threads. Searching for fungus, gill fungus, or even gills, will give you lots of examples of animals with fungus and without to compare to your own animal.
Chances are high that the people who did view your posts just couldn't reply with absolute confidence. You have to remember that most of us are just fellow keepers and learning ourselves.
Combined with the fact that over the weekend many people don't have time to access a forum. For example, last weekend I was on the north shore doing plant collection and identification for my university's herbarium and didn't have access to the internet for the vast majority of the trip.
I wouldn't be so quick to rule out this site as being useful, it's a wonderful tool for information gathering with many helpful threads on treatments, example setups, food quality tables, and links to more sites with all sorts of info. There's definitely more here than just waiting on replies to a thread.

bellabelloo 9th October 2018 06:46

Re: Why wont anyone help me
I've merged all your posts together so all the information is in one spot.

Along the green bar at the top pf the page is a 'search' function button. While waiting for answers you could use that, if you type in 'fungus' you'll see posts with pictures and answers to reference your question. Also in the black bar under the banner is a tab saying ' Caudata Sites', in there are two sites dedicated to axolotl care.
One of the most common problems posted on this forum is axolotl fungus concerns, quite frankly all your answers will have been addressed there. I do appreciate that it is horrible waiting for answers when we are worried about the health of our pets, but this forum is amazing. There is a wealth of advice and information stored here over the years for easy for access. We are very fortunate to have this site.

Otterwoman 23rd February 2019 15:52

Re: Why wont anyone help me
I think a good way to tell if something is pigment or fungus would be VERY GENTLY to lightly brush it with something, a toothpick, a q tip, and if it comes off at all it would be fungus. What do you all think about that method?

Toy 25th February 2019 20:34

Re: Why wont anyone help me

Originally Posted by Solar (Post 490177)
Ok thanks for responding i was just worried about my axi. It doesnt look like fuzz but there is some white possibly gold may just be pigment heres some more pics sorry for bad camera quality

From the pictures I don't see a any fungus. I keep Indian almond leaves in the tank with mine at all times. I haven't had any issues so far.

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