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Maxalotllobe 3rd August 2019 14:59

First time poster, long time reader
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I have 4 axalotls in a 6ft tank. Water parameters are (p.h 7
3, ammonia 0.25/ppm, nitrite 0, nitrate 5), i run 2 sponge filters for plenty of airation, hardly any flow.
Recently my 2 females lost the majority of the filaments on their gills. One doesnt seem to be affected, but the other ones tail is now shrinking too. Help please!!
I have attached pictures of the tank and before and after pics of my girl "alotl"

Hayleyy 5th August 2019 08:22

Re: First time poater, long time reader
Lovely tank!
The ammonia is probably why you're seeing the gills shrink. Add some bottled bacteria or live plants to help it along. Double check under everything for uneaten food or poop as there must be something providing that ammonia.
Do you have any additional filters, like a hang on back or canister? I always use one or the other in addition to sponge filters as sponge only act as biological and not mechanical or chemical.
The ammonia also looks like it's damaging the slime coat a bit, so add a couple of indian almond leaves to the tank to help heal that. Watch pH as it can drop it significantly.

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