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filipe 5th June 2005 19:09

Hi there,

It's been quite a long time since the last time I posted any message. Nevertheless I've continued to keep newts and this week I just remodeled some of the tanks.

Hope you enjoy it! Any thoughts, advice or sugestion greatly appreciated.

Filipe Martinho

ana 7th June 2005 13:50

it is very good for having a Portuguese here that it likes amphibians

benjamin 7th June 2005 19:52

Would you mind mentioning the species in each tank?

kevin 7th June 2005 19:58

If you point on the photo`s and wait a while the names come in the screen. Under your arrow.

filipe 8th June 2005 11:32

Hi Ana,

What a nice surprise to find another portuguese in this forum (actually you're the first one I find to enjoy amphibians

What species do you keep?



filipe 8th June 2005 11:34


I thought that the species name would appear next to the pictures- sorry for the mistake.

So, in order (from top to bottom) we have Cynops orientalis, Tylototriton verrucosus and Triturus dobrogicus.



rubén 8th June 2005 12:00

Ana & Filipe

It's always nice to see friends from Portugal on this forum.

Keep it coming

filipe 9th June 2005 13:17

Yep, It's also good to hear from "nuestros hermanos" from Spain


ana 14th June 2005 20:13

Olá Filipe!
therefore it is a good surprise first one u find to enjoy amphibians ki bom
i have Cynops orientalis,Tylototryton verrucosus,Golden albino and White albino axolotls.
but my verrucosus had been sick and now so I have one.


ana 14th June 2005 20:25

Hi Rubén!
It is very good for finding Portuguese yes.
it is good for seeing that I am not only the crazy one for amphibians
in Portugal


filipe 14th June 2005 22:57

Hi Ana,

I think I'm a little bit more crazy than you... Currently I keep Cynops orientalis (trio), Triturus dobrogicus (2), Tylototriton verrucosus (2) and Paramesotriton fuzhongensis (1). I also keep a couple of african dwar frogs (Hymenochirus boettgeri), an Iguana and a soft-shelled turtle. So, as you can see, my house looks like a zoo.

I also had a couple of triturs carnifex until a month ago but, as I learned the bad way, they proved to be escape artists. Also, This year one of my P. fuzhongensis died with an infected wound in one of his legs (as you can see from the many posts here, infected wounds seems to be one of the most common newt's disease) which I was unable to treat.

Where did you get your newts? In Lisbon?



ana 15th June 2005 10:33

Hi Filipe,
I also had four carnifex. mine they had run away but I always found but they had died without I to know reason.
my verrucosus died with an infected too, but i save my gorduxa hehehe she eats a lot.I gave banns to she of permanganato de potassio she was good.
I bought verrucosus in Lisbon in a petshop.the others had come of Spain
and u get yours?


filipe 19th June 2005 23:25

Hi Ana

I also got my newts from a petshop in Lisbon (although I wouldn't like to make publicity, probably the same where you bought yours... around Benfica perhaps?).



ana 20th June 2005 00:15

Hello Filipe,
by chance not. already i know where it is this,much time that i don´t go there! i am to lose things!! but i bought mine close to the estrela.(i think)

best regards

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