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ktcwgrl 1st October 2012 15:59

Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
I have a bunch of eggs at that are about 14 days old and a bunch of them are starting to look cloudy. I had been following the different stages of development and now a lot of them are clouding up. I have them in a 10 gal. aquarium and they stay about 72 degrees F, I have a bubble wand in there and they are on some Java Moss. Any help on what I can do or what is going on would be appreciated as this is my first batch.

Kaysie 1st October 2012 16:05

Re: Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
It's not uncommon for eggs to get a little cloudy when they get closer to hatching.

Have they started flipping around in the eggs?

They're probably getting ready to hatch pretty quick, given how warm they are.

Do you have your food sources set up yet? How many eggs are you hatching?

ktcwgrl 1st October 2012 16:11

Re: Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
They are still neurulating ( looke at the embryo photo log on here) I think, You can not see the head or tail parts yet. I have food ready, but don think they are that close. About 30 eggs.

Kaysie 1st October 2012 16:13

Re: Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
At 14 days? Have you always kept them at 72F?

ktcwgrl 1st October 2012 16:40

Re: Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
yes they have always been at that temp, I check it daily.

ktcwgrl 1st October 2012 17:14

Re: Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
3 Attachment(s)
Here are some pictures, I think a few have died

Kaysie 1st October 2012 17:33

Re: Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
I don't think any of those eggs are fertile. At 14 days, fertile eggs would be nearing hatching.

mikeg 1st October 2012 19:22

Re: Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
if you go to my profile and look at my albums i have one called "axolot stages (from egg to current)" which show how mine are growning, and what they looked like while growing. you can take a look at mine to help you know what you are looking for.

if i remember with in a week and a half they started to look like hamster pop.
at about 2 weeks they had heads
at 3 weeks they hatched
and now they are growing fast

bellabelloo 1st October 2012 20:45

Re: Eggs are cloudy whats going on?
I also think they are infertile. At 70 degrees I would expect to see far more development :(

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