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remiliuh 24th February 2017 03:31

What metals are toxic to axolotls?
Hi! I'm planning on getting an axolotl soon and I'm getting supplies for it. I really like pottery, so I'd like to make a hiding spot for my axolotl myself, but I know that axolotls are sensitive to metals and some pottery glazes have metal in them!
I know for sure that axolotls can't have anything with copper or manganese in them, but are there any other specific metals that axolotls shouldn't be exposed to? or is it safe to say that they shouldn't have any metals at all in the tank? if that's the case I will just glaze the hiding spot with a clear glaze, which is just glass. better safe than sorry u know?
also, is there anything in clay that the axolotl could be sensitive to? I can't see why because clay is pretty much just fancy mud, but not all clay is made equal so I'd just like to be super sure! I want to make sure I don't accidentally hurt the axolotl!

Jazzy says yarr 24th February 2017 06:15

Re: What metals are toxic to axolotls?
I would go with the safe bet that all metals are out, and go with the clear. They seem to be very sensitive to any metal, which is why dechlorinator with metal detoxification is used to treat tap water.
Also, those brown standard pots are a favorite commonly used hide for them; youll see them in most of the tank pictures. Theyre like a red brown, i dont know if theres a difference between them and other clay.

Please post your finished work; im sure wed all love to see it :)
Happy crafting!

Wysper 24th February 2017 13:07

Re: What metals are toxic to axolotls?
Unglazed terra cotta pots are perfectly safe to use and make hides from.

If you make your own pottery, I imagine it would be the same, just no glazing is required.

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