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natalie 5th February 2005 14:54

Can anyone tell me a good site explaining how to take care of live plants in an aquarium? Also, what are the best types of live plants/moss to have in with newts?

jack 12th February 2005 04:26

id suggest java moss since it does not require alot of light....just my 2 cents worth ;)

morg 12th February 2005 09:17

If you do not have a light source for your newt tank, the following plants can still be used.
Java moss, java fern, willow moss, and the toughest of all plants Anubias.
I use these plants in all of my aquatic set ups.
No special care or feeding is needed for the above plants to flourish, and all but the Anubias are eagerly used for newts when egg laying.
If the tank has a growlight, then many more types of plant can be used, but try to steer clear of any plants needing a lot of light or specialist feeding.

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