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michael 18th July 2007 23:59

Sexing Tylototriton taliangensis
Are Tylototriton taliangensis more difficult to sex than other Tylototriton? I just got a bunch of T. taliangensis and am having a tough time figuring out their sexes. I also got some new T. shanjing and T. kweichowensis and they seem to be easier to sex.

John 20th July 2007 18:57

Turn them over, hold the newt such that you can use one hand to separate the lips of the cloaca. Males will have a longer slit than females (it helps to compare a few animals).

John 20th July 2007 18:58

I should say, Max Sparreboom taught me that in 2000.

mr cyclone 10th August 2018 07:07

Re: Sexing Tylototriton taliangensis
Iíve found this also ,that Taliangensis are harder to sex ,Untill the male is fully mature and then has orange pads on his arms for amplexus , Iím still touch and go on my 3 animals as to whether I have 3 males or 2 males 1 female. Maybe I am too impatient.

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