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eljorgo 4th September 2008 23:09

how many years...
Hi good night.
Does anybody knows who much time does a t. Shanjing gets from morph to sexual maturity?
If very well feed?

thanks guys,


Greatwtehunter 5th September 2008 04:41

Re: how many years...
The only information that I could find stated that it takes 3-4 years for T. shanjing to reach sexual maturity. Just for a comparison T. verrucosus only take a year and a half to reach sexual maturity. If you have any questions you can PM me and I cand send you the link where this information was obtained.


John 5th September 2008 04:59

Re: how many years...
You can post the link you know. I think I know where you found that anyhow.

petro 5th September 2008 06:54

Re: how many years...
When they are three years you can expect that they are sexual mature.

eljorgo 5th September 2008 10:09

Re: how many years...
I have a shanjing of 13cm and his cloaca is out (bigger every day) and Ive seen thats a female and it its reaching his sexual maturity but in two years Im gonna study out of the country and in that moment I will have to say goodbye to all my newts and focus in the studies just! I want to reproduce t.shanjing before that.. i have only 2years! if there is any problem if the male is bigger and older that the female? with 13cm its you many years in my female?

thanks all,

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