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nicole 25th June 2006 05:45

I recently purchased a Fire Bellied Newt from my local aquatic store. I set it up in my 5 gal with one side dechlor. water and one side with this moist earth stuff they told me to use. It came in a block and I had to soak it. There are also 2 large flat rocks, like steps into the water, and a plant I bought from Petco's terrarium section. I've been feeding a mix of frozen bloodworms, live tubiflex worms, and newt bites. I change the water out once a week.

The problem is that the aquatic store I bought it from doesn't know anything about newts. They are mainly a fish shop, and have a couple of reptiles. They told me to keep the temp at 80ish, but I know that's totally off. It's been hard to keep the temp down lately with the weather, and it must have gone up for a day or 2 into uncomfortable regions, but I'm trying to keep it down with ice, and a new air conditioner.

When I returned to the shop last week to let them know of the temp issue, all but one of their newts were dead. I told them the problem and they said, I knew more about newts then they did, which isn't saying much. They proceeded to give me their remaining newt free of charge, because at least I would do my best with it's care. I put it in with the first newt, now one of them has a small injury on the tail. no fungus or infected looking area, so I called the only reptilish pet place I could find, and the man there said to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't show signs of infection that it will heal on it's own.

I think for starters I need a larger tank, and I have a 10 gal available. I read the care sheets on this site. Is there any other tips or recommendations that you have? Will that be big enough for 2 FBN? Also is the guy's info from the reptile place right? Thanks for reading this ultra long post.

ali 25th June 2006 06:48

Hi Nicole, I'm no expert on wound-healing, but ten gallons will be great for two FBN. Unless they are spending all their time on the land (and even if they are) I would recommend filling the tank about half-way with water (no solid land area) but finding lots of things like wood, rocks, and plants to stick out of the water if they'd like to come out of the water for a bit.

Also, I don't know if you are or not, but don't change out *all* the water at once. Do a 30-50% water change every week if you want, or every other week would probably be okay (that's when I do mine). This allows beneficial bacteria to remain in the tank, which wouldn't do so as well if you change all the water at once.

joan 25th June 2006 15:29

Nicole, welcome to the boards!

Have you read these articles yet? They're imperative for new keepers.

These should get you started!

nicole 25th June 2006 22:47

I read all the links you listed, and plan on using water from an already established fish tank (I have about 13 going at the moment).

I'm going to change the tanks out next weekend, as I am waiting on my local shop to get in the screen top for the 10 gal. I just bought a filter for newts ( it actually mentioned them specifically on the package), and it said will work with 2 inches of water or more.

Thank you both for the info, I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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