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jennifer 27th January 2007 18:26

My 2 fire belly newts live in a tupperware container. The bottom of the container is lined with reptile bark, and on 1 half of the container I have another smaller container filled with water, they have plenty of hiding places. They are ever in the water, always hiding, and they dont eat when they are in the water. When I feed them, I put them in the water and place 1/4 cube of frozen blood worm in there. But they dont eat, and they haven't for about a week. They are getting really skinny. And when I find them they are always hiding and curled up not moving. If this makes sense please help me I dont think they'll last much longer

ryan 27th January 2007 18:46

Can you post a picture of your tank. Try live food like earthworms and blackworms. Also don't put them in the water when you feed them just put the food on the land and be patient, hopefully they will eat it.

jennifer 27th January 2007 22:00

Do you mean "ever in the water", or "never in the water"? They may need a more aquatic type of tank, or else some terrestrial food to feed them on land. Offer them chopped worm or thawed bloodworms from a tweezers when they are on land. Or get some fruit flies or really small crickets.


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