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kaliyahchanel 19th November 2017 02:44

Is there something wrong with my axolotl?
I got my axolotl back in May and he was doing great. But, Iíve noticed that he has small black bumps on his feet, heís an albino and about 8-9 inches long. What could this mean and is it serious? I do 20% water changes every week and take out poop or anything once I see it. The only things in the tank are sand (which is very fine) a few plants and a tiny ghost shrimp I got in September. I feed him a baby cricket every other day, but he has also been throwing that up. The only sign of stress I can see on him is a curved tail, but his gills arenít curved forward. The parameters are good as well. I NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE.

Otterwoman 19th November 2017 13:18

Re: Is there something wrong with my axolotl?
Please post a photo. Thank you.

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