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Crystalann0219 14th October 2018 06:02

Newts for sale!!!!!!
Its finally cooled off and time to ship. I have for sale the following newts.

CB 2018 SEXED Triturus Dobrigicus . $45 each/$90 per pair.
CB 2018 SEXED Alpestris Apuanus $45 each/$90 per pair,
CB 2016 P. Walt. Not leucistic, just regular. $25 each,

I ship using USPS Priority mail express for $45 dollars.

Crystalann0219 23rd October 2018 03:42

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Still have several pairs of Alpines and Danube crested newts available. Get them now while temperatures are still nice for shipping. 😁

KenWayne69 11th February 2019 05:09

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
I know it is kinda late but do you still have any of the danube newt pairs for sale?:o

Grimxplaga 13th February 2019 13:51

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Idk if im to late but i wanted to ask if you had any more newts left for sale?

Crystalann0219 14th February 2019 00:41

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Hello, sorry all of the danubes are sold. Still have a few pairs of alpines left.

axolotlfreak56 18th February 2019 18:57

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Crystalann0219 (Post 491947)
Hello, sorry all of the danubes are sold. Still have a few pairs of alpines left.

Hello, if you still have alpine left I would be interested in a pair.

Rufi0h 19th February 2019 23:41

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Hey, I'm pretty new to Newts and am looking to purchase some. Looking for some information on the ones you still have available. What's species do you have left and are they a breeding pair?

AmphibiousChild 21st March 2019 01:38

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Still have any? If so, please contact (586) 933-7299. Thank you!

AmphibiousChild 21st March 2019 01:43

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Got any alpine pairs still? If so, please contact (586) 933-7299. Thank you.

Sierra419 27th March 2019 12:38

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Are any of these still available?

mchivett 11th June 2019 05:15

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Curious if you have any Alpine Pairs left?

shepherdsfrogs 13th June 2019 22:38

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
I'm interested. Looking for alpines/ marbled

angelpoe07 4th August 2019 19:48

Re: Newts for sale!!!!!!
Any Alpine newts left?

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