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sde 5th June 2019 22:57

CB 2018 Tylototriton yangi
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Selling my CB 2018 Tylototriton yangi. $100/each + shipping.

I have about 20 available currently. Most of them are around 2 inches, feeding on worm pieces. Some have already started tong feeding as well. I have them on a simple paper towel setup at the moment, for ease of feeding and monitoring. I am the only breeder and supplier of these in the US and consequently they are quite rare, hence the price.

Viking 6th June 2019 08:50

Re: CB 2018 Tylototriton yangi
They are beautiful!

greenwood09 9th June 2019 10:49

Re: CB 2018 Tylototriton yangi
could you send me a price quote for one t. yangi what payments do you except and what carrier do you use for shipping zip code 07860 thanks

Bakman 16th June 2019 06:50

Re: CB 2018 Tylototriton yangi
Interested in two of yangi if any are still available . I work with the Himalayans , which are great , but I don't have that bright emperor newt look like these .
Brok Bakman

robbudo 22nd June 2019 15:34

Re: CB 2018 Tylototriton yangi
Beautiful - how long will these get?

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