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tue91774 6th June 2019 00:35

Axolotl eggs For Sale!!
I have about 250 eggs for sale. Should be hatching within the next couple weeks. All captive bred. Dad is Leucistic and Mom is wild type. Also should be about 50/50 GFP like my last hatchlings. For sale for $10 for 20 eggs plus shipping which is $15. Multiple orders can be combined in the same shipping order. PM me for an order.

tue91774 6th June 2019 12:47

Re: Eggs For Sale!!
Forgot to mention that these are axolotl eggs

Papa Joe 6th June 2019 15:50

Re: Axolotl eggs For Sale!!
How do I order the eggs?

tue91774 7th June 2019 12:42

Re: Axolotl eggs For Sale!!
If you would like to order some just send me a direct message or an email with your information (name, address, email address for PayPal). I will then send you a PayPal link to pay the $35 and I will ship them out to the address given. My email

Lugot3 12th June 2019 22:23

Re: Eggs For Sale!!
do you still have axolotl eggs for sell ?

tue91774 13th June 2019 15:00

Re: Eggs For Sale!!
I sold all but the last 50 of them, so I now have about 50 left but they are set to hatch over the next 4 days. so there is a chance they will hatch during travel. I could send these out 2 day priority today if you still want them. They should be fine in travel and I will add some daphnia to the water with them in case they do need some food. Are you still interested? It would be $25including shipping for 20 eggs and I would be willing to do $35 including shipping for the remaining $59 eggs. Let me know ASAP!

Zacp 16th June 2019 19:44

Re: Axolotl eggs For Sale!!
Interested in all eggs. Where shipping from I am in WV?


its300 21st October 2019 16:02

Re: Axolotl eggs For Sale!!
i have sold my local pet store my last females not paying attention ,if you ever have any more eggs please e mail me i will buy pay pal same day no doubt thx in advance.

LadyxGenesis 4th February 2020 16:59

Re: Axolotl eggs For Sale!!
I’ll take them

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