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bonsaiprimer 6th December 2017 16:26

Re: funding – Donations re-instatement
And Your PayPal address is.............................................?

John 6th December 2017 22:12

Re: funding – Donations re-instatement
Thanks but I stopped accepting donations several years ago. I was sick of people thinking I was getting rich. Very annoying. Perhaps if we have a special cause I might start a gofundme page.

mr cyclone 9th December 2017 19:23

Re: funding – Donations re-instatement
John I don’t give a monkeys if your rich or not , if you wanted to charge an annual membership of say £4.99 how many active members are there? I think an annual membership would be the way forward
And even if it was starting to make money it could be poured back into the website or a newt charity?!
I love the information database on here,any idea I think about for newts I quickly cross reference the website to see if it’s already been tried

John 10th January 2018 02:12

Re: funding – Donations re-instatement
Thanks, you're very kind. I will keep that in mind.

StJontheMormon 6th June 2018 12:17

Re: funding – Donations re-instatement
I think quietly reinstating donations would be a good idea, obviously don't go full wikipedia on us. An annually fee of $6.71 USD might scare people away, who can afford 61 cents a month? Yeah, that was sarcasm...

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