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RFBnewt 22nd February 2016 06:41

Hello chinese fire belly newt buddies :)
Hello guys im new here, i have a question i have had my 2 newts for a week now and the before buying them i researched on caudata about how to take care of them, the pet store salesman told me they eat sinking pellets so thats what i bought then they wouldnt eat that. So i took earthworms from our compost and chopped em up they did eat, but the next day up to now they wouldnt eat and im scared they might die.

I did feed them mosquito larvae which i think they did eat cause i didnt see the larvae the next day in their tank. Also i checked every petshop around i cant find any bloodworms:(

Btw ii tried to tell whether they were male or female but i got confused lol

Chinadog 22nd February 2016 08:30

Re: Hello chinese fire belly newt buddies :)
Hi, welcome to the site. :)
Newly purchased petstore firebellies are normally extremely stressed after being captured and exported from China, so the best thing to do is make sure they have the correct environment and let them settle in for a while.
If they recover, they should eat the earthworms and mosquito larvae, but might never recognise the pellets as food.
Here are some helpful links.

Caudata Culture Articles - Food Items for Captive Caudates
Caudata Culture Species Entry - Cynops orientalis - Chinese firebelly
Caudata Culture Articles - Worms

RFBnewt 22nd February 2016 16:20

Re: Hello chinese fire belly newt buddies :)
Thank you. I found alot of moth fly larvae and tried feeding them again and thankfully they did eat. Thank you soo much hopefully they continue to eat. And i would def check those links out thanks a bunch!

Also when i got them both of them were really fat. Hopefully they are not sick ����������

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