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Axl Rose 13th February 2017 01:30

FREE TO GOOD HOME 3 Adult Axolotls
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Location: North Shore, Sydney, Australia

I am moving in a couple weeks and can't bring my beloved 3 axolotls with me. I desperatly need to rehome them. I have previously posted a forsale thread, but hoping this will be more enticing.

I also have a 4ft tank for sale (duh) which I will sell for $150 inc filter and all accessories. Obvioulsy I cannot sell the tank until the axoltols are re-homed. (see my other thread for some more details).

Pics below, I can post more if requied.

I have 2 male and one female axolotls. All are related so I have kept them divided in the tank. Oldest male is Leucistic and approximately 3.5 years old. The younger male (his offspring) is a wild type and was hatched 22 July 2014. My Female is an Albino Leucistic and was also hatched 22 July 2014.

Sorry for posting about this a second time but it needs some exposure due to my fast approaching moving date.


RusieckiR 28th February 2017 02:45

Re: FREE TO GOOD HOME 3 Adult Axolotls
Do you still have them?

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