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Renard 31st January 2019 22:56

Please help! Very bad situation!
Hello there! After having asked my friend for advice, he pointed me in this direction and so I am hoping that someone can help me!
I have two axolotls however one of them (Emrys) fell sick a while ago which then spread to my other axolotl (Mudkip) The ilness essentially left a hole in Emrys' chin/ cheek ans ate away at the flesh on Mudkips nose. After lots of vets visits (we tested the water and all was fine and she is very happy with their health otherwise) and antibiotics, Emrys was completely healed of his infection. However Mudkip still had a huge hole in his nose. She suggested baths and so we have given him the necessary baths however he recently stopped eating (turns away from any food and avoids it) and is extremely stressed. I stopped the baths in case that was the cause however nothing seems to be working!

I am really really worried for him and any advice would be amazing! Any way to reduce his stress, get him to eat or promote growth of his nose again would be greatly appreciated!!

Otterwoman 1st February 2019 12:15

Re: Please help! Very bad situation!
His infection may have been too far gone. I would separate them, and just wait and see with Mudkip. Maybe he's not eating as well because he's weaker than his tank mate.

Giuseppe 1st February 2019 17:20

Re: Please help! Very bad situation!
I would continue with the prescribed baths. Axolotl can go some time without food but it's important to get the infection under control. I agree with separating two as you don't want the infection to spread back to the other axolotl. Have you tried offering different foods? Sometimes you can entice them with a special treat but it's most important to treat the root cause of his not accepting food, which is probably the continuing infection. Good luck!

Renard 3rd February 2019 12:47

Re: Please help! Very bad situation!
They are separated and I have been continuing with the baths. I'll try some other types of food and see what happens. Thank you so much for replying! Confirmed what I thought but I needed to be sure that I was doing the right thing for my axies, Wish me luck!

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