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David339 21st March 2019 09:29

Species Identification
I believe this to be Plethodon cinereus. Found in Hanover county, VA. This little guy is a little over an inch long and an 1/8 an inch wide. He appears a shiny black without shining a light on him. His tail is damaged. I found him in an area cleared for housing, he wasn't moving much. He's pretty active now and I already see some of his tail growing back.

Otterwoman 21st March 2019 21:22

Re: Species Identification
No, I think he's an ambystomid. Not sure which.

TheNewtGuy 22nd March 2019 13:06

Re: Species Identification
Looks more like a Jefferson salamander than anything else.

josh1990 3rd April 2019 23:03

Re: Species Identification
Your guess is right. Lead-backed morph of Plethodon cinereus. Not a Ambystoma look at how thin the body is plus all the coastal groves. The toes are far too short and blunt as well. P. cinereus is extremely common in VA and quite variable in coloration.

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