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Blurgersmerth 30th December 2018 19:34

Just some Axolotl questions
Hello all!! Iím new to keeping Axolotls and just had some questions if anybody doesenít mind! Iíll just list the questions out real quick if you can answer please! I have a few month old juvie, about 3 inches long. I can also provide a picture of the tank in a few hours if need be.
1) Should I feed my axolotl in a bowl? Like, taking him out of the tank and putting him in a bowl to feed him in so I knw he gets all the food? Iím just worried about how much heís eating. Or maybe putting a small bowl in the tank where I put the food?
2) How much should I feed him? Right now Iím feeding him a bloodworm cube every other day, and have glass shrimp as snacks in the tank. Should I change this at all?
3) I know that early on axolotls can be cannibalistic if not given enough room. I am getting a second in about a week. I have a 36 gallon bow type tank. There are several hides within the tank. Is it okay if I put the other one in there, considering the space for them.

WordsOfFate 14th January 2019 19:16

Re: Just some Axolotl questions
Welcome to the world of axies! I'm still fairly new in owning my axies as well, but here's what I know from my experience:

1. I personally wouldn't recommend it, but it all depends on your axolotls. Mine don't like to be moved from their tanks often so I really try not to move them if I don't have to. If you do decide to move your axolotl to a new tank for feeding, I highly suggest you don't use a net as that could possibly cause damage to your axie. What I do when I have to move my axolotls is that I'll take a well-cleaned tupperware and scoop the axolotl into there to move it around. Just make sure it's big enough for your axolotl to be fully stretched out :)

2. Baby and juvenile axolotls should be fed daily so you should really increase that feeding schedule of yours. I wouldn't rely on the shrimp to be a snack for your axie solely because most times, axolotls are too slow to catch them or in the case of my axie, she likes to make friends with them, haha. So I would definitely recommend that you feed yours blood worms every day until he/she is big enough to start eating pieces of earthworm as that is SO much more nutritious than blood worms.

3. From what I know, baby axolotls are cannibalistic no matter how much room is available. Even with all that space, their paths are going to cross at some point and a few limbs might go missing so I personally wouldn't suggest you doing so. If you want to give it a shot, that's fine, but keeping an emergency tank as back up would be a good idea in case either of them do get hurt.

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