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Kansamander 8th April 2019 17:48

Repurposed tempered glass shelving
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At our local thrift store, there were three panels of 5"x 30" thick tempered glass shelves for $4. So, those were siliconed to make the bottom and side panels of a long, shallow aquarium. I cut the end panels from thick acrylic, and epoxied the outer joint, and siliconed the inner joints, and made a base with L shaped wooden trim from Lowes.

A quadruple folded fiberglass mesh screen was hot glued to prevent tadpoles and salamander larvae from entering a small portion of one side, and a filter and aerator runs there. The folded screen coupled with the length of the aquarium makes a little to no flow , using a traditional filter setup.

It had been empty for over a month, and a couple of days ago we had a big rain which flooded out our small ponds. Netting the pools in the field yielded about a billion tadpoles (returned to pond, mostly) and a couple dozen A. texanum larvae (which I kept to test the setup). So far, it works like a charm, without leaks.

So, keep your eyes open for glass shelving panels on CL, Facebook Marketplace and thrift shops, if you want to get large sections of thick tempered glass for a very small price!

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