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xxianxx 31st August 2013 22:36

I have a number of outside tanks/tubs to breed daphnia and random pond bugs, I have noticed that mosquitos prefer to breed in black buckets rather than white tubs or tanks. Has anybody else experienced this ? I use the larvae to feed a number of amphibians, particularly newly morphed xenopus who are attracted to the fast movements they make when startled. Is there any particular reason why mosquitos prefer to breed in black buckets ? I have more larvae in fifteen liter buckets than 50 gall tanks.

Jehuty 31st August 2013 23:29

Re: Mosquitos
perhaps because the black buckets are warmer?

mr cyclone 1st September 2013 08:39

Re: Mosquitos
I believe its a form of camouflage ,when you go on holiday always wear light coloured clothing at night,they are attracted to dark colours.This is the same for fresh water midge.
I always look for the beastie thats bitten me in the room im sleeping in,as they hide on dark spots .I've squished one thats hidden on a picture on the wall that had a black speckle on it,unbelievable!
So to answer your question i think its so they can stay hidden and not get eaten
(Damned beasties have been biting my foot) lol

Chinadog 1st September 2013 08:49

Re: Mosquitos
I've never thought it could be colour related but they do prefer the tiny puddle in an old tyre that i have to any of the buckets and tanks. i thought that they went for the smaller volume because there was less chance of fish eating the larvae? I just wait for the floating eggs to appear in the tyre and move them where i want them!

Dara 11th April 2019 07:07

Re: Mosquitos
That was interesting informetion for me. Thanks for starting this thread.

Rayadientes 4th May 2019 15:54

Re: Mosquitos
Darker places are always better for every singles insect, mosquitos, worms, whatever.
I dont know the explanation.

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