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Haileyasfar 22nd April 2019 02:35

I think my axi is dying or dead
My boyfriend and I have had one of our axolotls , Franklyn for about 2 months and got a second axolotl, Oj afew weeks ago . They are in a 60L tank with large pebbles at the bottom . Franklyn has been having frequent spasms Iíve the past 3 weeks and has not been eating or moving over the past 3 days and has been floating at the top of the tank . Today we noticed white Fungus on both of them and gave them a 10 minute black tea bath in the fridge . Oj was swimming around fine afterwards but franklyn is not moving or responding to mealworms or being touched . I just have a feeling that he is still alive . How can I tell if he is dead and if he isnít what is wrong with him and how can I help him .

Hayleyy 22nd April 2019 04:12

Re: I think my axi is dying or dead
First of all can you test the water parameters and let us know. What temperature is the tank? Was the new one quarantined? How often are your water changes, and what % do you change. Also what dechlorinator are you using?
Usually dead axolotls will lose their gills rapidly, start to bloat and eventually the mouth will hang open. In my experience their legs will also curl so they are pointed backwards (if that makes sense). Post a picture if you can so we can see.

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