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rasprer 21st December 2012 23:58

The Simple Water Cooler Dispenser Set-Up
When I first got my axo, I had no idea it needed cool water or cooler than what you normally get. I did check the caudata site and saw a similar set-up but when I set it up like that, it had pressure problems.

What you mainly require:
- room temp/cold water dispenser (do not get the ones that can boil water)
- hang-on filter/external filter
- powerhead pump (if you have an external filter, this is not needed)

Here is my Axo tank.
Many have complained that chillers are just way too expensive. It's like buying an Axo for $1000 which would make it not worth the pay anymore. This is the solution to all your aquarium chiller expense. It might be a little too big and can be a nuisance to look at but it will last you a while till you can save up for an actual chiller. I spent $10 CDN for this at a listing site called Kijiji.
Above is the inflow, or where the water gets sucked in and pushed up to the cooler. I use the Marineland pump and it's the weakest of its kind. The GPH of the pump doesn't have to be too much, just enough to push the water up.
I attached it to the cold water faucet (the right side tube) and not the room temp water faucet (the left green tube) so it can fill the dispenser's water reservoir first before going back down the tank.
If you pay attention to the tube connected to the pump. A straight flow upwards makes the pressure more regulated. Bent tubes can often make the flow inconsistent. It's not that much of an issue but if you don't want to deal with clogs, this is the way.
This is the water reservoir. The water inflow is the hole above. See the hole being distorted by the water flow. You want the water to flow and fill the reservoir first because this is where the cooling takes place (notice me say that twice already). Eventually the water in the reservoir will rise up and flow out of the dispenser if you don't have a drain. So the black thing below is THE drain which is strained by a sponge (this is the tube that normally lets the room temp faucet through without being stuck in the reservoir to be cooled). Having a drain keeps the water in the reservoir long enough to be cooled then when the water get's too accumulated, it goes down the drain back to the tank. If you installed the inflow the other way, which would be through the room temp faucet or where my drain is, you'll have the water go up the drain and down back to the tank without being unchilled.

See below. The sponge is detachable and the drain is the just room temp tube attached with one of those power head attachments that keeps things from getting sucked in.

I also made a hole on the tube where the drain water comes out (without the hole, air gets stuck in a stagnant siphon). The hole is there to give the drain water a "free fall" down to filter. This keeps the water in the reservoir from overflowing out of the reservoir itself instead of the drain.

The cooled drain water is now going back into the tank. You can have the drain water go STRAIGHT back down into the tank although this will cause some disturbing flow to your Axos so have the current break if you can. I used a slim hang-on filter to catch the drain water so it goes through some media before flowing back to the tank. Use any of your choice. If you have an external filter, make this your inflow pump, you won't need the powerhead anymore. The water will be filtered before entering the cooler. It's better that way so the water going in the reservoir won't have as much detritus. I'm too cheap for those so I'm stuck with my hang-on filter.

Water Dispenser set-ups can vary because of the different water dispenser brands out there but they all generally work the same. I hope this gave you all an idea about how water cooler dispensers work and how you can utilize them for an Axo tank. Hope you Axo lovers like my setup as much as these Mexican hermanos, Maximilio and Gustavo :D

Olivia97 22nd December 2012 01:53

Re: The Simple Water Cooler Dispenser Set-Up
I must say, as effective it may be. It's still ugly ;)

rasprer 22nd December 2012 04:16


Originally Posted by Olivia97 (Post 357595)
I must say, as effective it may be. It's still ugly ;)

haha yeah, it's hideous. but im waiting for spring cuz i'll be setting up new tank then, i'm just waiting for these stores to start selling topsoil and i can get it all running with a chiller (:

mkpage0715 30th December 2012 14:45

Re: The Simple Water Cooler Dispenser Set-Up
I actually bought a used chiller off Ebay for less than $200 and it works great! you have to make sure you get a chiller that you can set the temp. desired and forget it, and make sure it will get to the temp your axie can live in...some of them don't go as low as what an axie needs...I use a Aqua Euro and I set it at 67 degrees so it keeps it within 1 degree higher or it. just have to keep looking on the site....when I found it, I grabbed it and not sorry at all. good luck!

rasprer 1st January 2013 01:12

mine stays at 14 C flat. but its only a temporary option.

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