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chris 30th June 2003 23:17

Does anyone know the specific care needs for the larva like cage size,food,water depth,ETC.


jennifer 1st July 2003 14:06

For starters, have you read the Raising Larvae and Microfoods articles on Caudate Central? That pretty much covers food sources. Cage size is really going to depend on HOW MANY. One or two can live in a shoe box, 10-15 can live in a 10-gallon tank, and 100 will require several large tubs. Water depth is a matter of preference and how you manage water quality. If you give more details, you may get better answers. Good luck with it/them!

chris 1st July 2003 18:10

If you need details go to my salamander larvea ID thread.(<font size="-2">Under should I amputate</font>)

s.t. 2nd July 2003 16:05

I am raising Eastern Larvae right now too. Basically just care for them as if they were any other salamander larvae. Lots of food and water changes.

I highly reccomend reading the articles on Caudate Central. I have raised many larvae using the information I got there. I also reccomend Deer Park water. You can get those big jugs for $7. Never had any water problems this way.

The Eastern Larvae setup I'm using right now is a little different from the way I raised other larvae (which was the small container method). When I noticed the eggs being laid, I bought a "fish breeder". It's basically a square plastic frame with fine netting surrounding it, with an open top. I put the eggs in the "fish breeder" and kept it in one corner of my newt tank. The newt tank is filtered so I don't have to change the water everyday, and my baby newts can grow up right in the same tank as the adults without fear of being eaten. When they get close to morphing, I will simply move them to a container with shallow water and rocks to emerge from the water. After morphing I will transfer them to a terrestrial setup.

My only concern is getting them to eat once they have morphed.

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