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MrsFrog 31st December 2007 07:37

Pied Axolotl
In order for an axolotl to be classed as pied, what does it have to look like lol?? I have a young one with a full black head and a white body...the colours are getting more defined as he/she is getting older. Your thoughts please?

dancas 2nd January 2008 04:39

ooooooo I want one!!!!!!!!!

Kaysie 2nd January 2008 15:02

Piebald (or pied) animals are usually white animals with large patches of color. Yours sounds like a heavily colored leucistic.

John 8th January 2008 01:16

We would love to see a photograph, Carley :).

ianclick 9th January 2008 03:02

Hi Carley can't wait to see this one, sounds cool, piebald or not.

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