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mmbd73 19th February 2017 06:42

Tiger salamander diet question
Hey all! I might be interested in getting a tiger salamander in the future but am having trouble finding solid information on them. To my understanding, they can eat crickets and pinkie mice (but not too many to avoid obesity) and worms. I currently have axolotls and feed them solely on nightcrawlers. Am I able to feed a tiger salamander a diet consisting of only nightcrawlers or is this not an adequate diet for them?

Chinadog 19th February 2017 09:55

Re: Tiger salamander diet question
Nightcrawlers are a very good choice for a staple. Although tigers live on land their nutritional requirements are very similar to an Axolotl's.
Here is a good article that should get you started with the basics. :)

Caudata Culture Articles - Tiger Salamander 101

mmbd73 19th February 2017 17:12

Re: Tiger salamander diet question
Thank you!

auntiejude 20th February 2017 18:28

Re: Tiger salamander diet question
We feed our tigers worms, crickets, waxworms, mealworms. We also have one that was raised by a snake breeder and fed pinkies - he came to us very fat and it has taken well over a year to slim him down to a healthy 'plump' size, and he still won't eat earthworms.

ellenc 21st February 2017 06:12

Re: Tiger salamander diet question
I use mainly crickets and waxworms. Mine rarely take earthworms. They sometimes go off one food and will only eat the other for a time.

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