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mr Bigglesworth 7th August 2017 13:17

Interpet Anti Hair Algae - safe for warty newts?
For a while my tank had been overtaken by blue-green algae, after removing it every day for three weeks straight it just wouldn't go away for good. the only treatment my workplace could get in stock was the anti hair algae, which so far, has worked rather well. (i stripped down the tank and treated the plants and wood in a bucket, while putting my little dude in a temporary tank)

now everything has cleared up I've put the tank back together and it's currently in its set up period, however if the algae comes back, which i fear it might, is the treatment safe to use with warty newt species to save me all the trouble of stripping the tank down again? (not to sure of the exact species of my one, he was just sold to us as a Paddle Tail)

cichlidjedi 20th August 2017 00:51

Re: Interpet Anti Hair Algae - safe for warty newts?
Hi Bigglesworth

I would not risk using an algaecide in an aquarium with any amphibian. Studies have been done to make sure certain algaecides are safe for fish, but not amphibians. Adding certain live plants like Anubias can out compete some algae's making it harder for them to take over. Bleaching decor is a good way to wipe out a lot of troublesome algae however make sure to rinse and let stand in water overnight to remove the bleach residue. Bleach for 30 minutes, then rinse well and soak it in a water with a triple dose of a dechloranator (this will help remove bleach as well).

Hair algae is a pain and may have to be hand removed regularly if the bleaching does not work.

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