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Mikaela23 12th February 2019 00:50

Help with fishless tank cycling!
Hello! I'm looking for some advice regarding my tank parameters.

I'm currently in the process of cycling my tank to get it ready for my axie and I'm finally seeing nitrAtes. These are my current water parameters:

Ammonia: 1ppm
Nitrites: 0ppm
NitrAtes: almost 40ppm

I've been testing every day for ammonia and nitrites and have consistently had an ammonia reading of 2ppm (which I would maintain when adding more water due to evaporation) and no nitrites at all.

Today is the first day where my ammonia reading has been at 1ppm so decided to test every parameter and saw NitrAtes (yay!) But now I'm unsure what to do. Do I do a water change? I'm going out of town for a couple days so I want to leave clear instructions on the new tank for the person who's looking after my axolotl

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