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weepwoop 12th March 2019 13:42

Droopy gills?
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Iíve had my axolotl for about a month now, and since Iíve had him Iíve noticed his gills have a little droop. Not all of them, the top and bottom gills are fine, itís just that the middle ones stick out instead of up. Heís always had this, so it isnít new. All his tank levels are good, and he hasnít lost his appetite. So whatís wrong? Is he sick? They arenít curled in so he isnít stressed. Please help me out!

Hayleyy 13th March 2019 03:02

Re: Droopy gills?
It could just be the way he is. Either born with this or they were lost as a juvenile and grew back weird. Every axie I've had has had some kind of weird gill size/positioning.
If they start to shrink then it might be something, but that's usually attributed to water quality so weekly testing should keep you on top of it.

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