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Exolotl 31st December 2012 13:33

Axolotl sick? White gills?
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So I just came home from vacation yesterday (gone about a week+) and my dad had the job to feed my little kiddos, but when I came home i noticed they had a bit curly gills so I did a 90% water change.

But this morning I noticed that they had some white stuff on the gills.

They have no other white patches on there body and the water conditions is all good but NO3, it's a bit high but going to my pet supply store as soon as they open to fix it and doing water changes too.

Temperature is 18 C

But just wanted to know if the white is because of the NO3 or is it fungus?

Posting a pic on my wild type male.
(I'll post a pick of my leucistic females gills as soon as I get her to leave her little hideout)

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Exolotl 31st December 2012 14:25

Re: Axolotl sick? White gills?
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Edit: Her gills has no white on them, but still a bit curly.

Here's some more pics on the male.
Just noticed he had some "white" stuff on the eye?

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Note: The white patches on the body is just shine from the lightning hitting the magnifying glass.

Kaysie 31st December 2012 17:29

Re: Axolotl sick? White gills?
Did you test the water before you did the water change?

The gills look like they might be slight ammonia burns.

sugarkandii 31st December 2012 18:36

Re: Axolotl sick? White gills?
My leucistic had a very similar white 'glaze' and then skin peeling that started off looking a little bit like this and my problem ended up being a spike in ammonia- I would check your ammonia for sure, like Kaysie said it could very well be ammonia burns. I got my levels back on track within several days, but I did daily water changes and lots of testing..

NeekaLovesYou 31st December 2012 18:40

Re: Axolotl sick? White gills?
I would have said something to do with ammonia, if you haven't tested it please do. It's hard to tell from the pictures if its fungus as they're not quite close enough but I don't think it is thus far.

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