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Bismarck 15th October 2018 00:52

Post your tank picture
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I thought it might be fun to post your tank picture. Can we see your newt or salamander? I have debutants that loathe the paparazzi. You don't have to give a speech or anything if you don't want to. I am sure we can figure out what it is and agree that they are awesome.

Kansamander 16th October 2018 05:44

Re: Post your tank picture
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Tiger tank. Under gravel filtration, plenty of springtails, woodlice and worms. Ferns, vines and moss. Day light, as well as Led plant light, on timer. These were acquired in Nebraska as larva this spring. About 11 inches or so.

fey 17th October 2018 02:38

Re: Post your tank picture
It's not much to look at, but my tiny little P. labiatus is doing well in a mostly aquatic 20 gal tank and cool room temps.

MnGuy 17th October 2018 15:08

Re: Post your tank picture
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Heres my 20 long with three alpine newts and a small school of White Cloud Mountain minnows. There are two big logs in each corner for them to haul themselves onto, which Ive only ever witnessed once in the two years Ive had them.

I like this thread! Lets see more posts!

Kansamander 21st January 2019 23:02

Re: Post your tank picture
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Moved 3 tigers into this 75 planted. Mini pond from Lowes into a lined container with pump and filtration. Substrate a mix of organic potting soil, coconut fiber and Repti-Soil. Pill bugs and red wrigglers, and a few springtails.

Coralee 5th November 2019 09:18

Re: Post your tank picture
It's not much to look a but that is coool

Michaelbeifs 18th November 2019 13:10

Александр Пушкин родился в Москве 6 июня 1799 г. Он рос вместе со старшей сестрой и младшим братом. Подробнее в яндексе.

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