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voyager156 7th September 2019 15:16

My tiger salamander stopped eating - help
I have male Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum) for about 2 months now. I tried feeding him with earthworms - but he didn't want to eat them at all.

Earthworms were bought online. In one package there where really big ones - he didn't even try to eat them (just too big for him I think). So I ordered new ones (smaller) but he just spat them; like they were not tasty or gross.

So I ended up feeding him mostly with mealworms and superworms (I always crush superworms head - before feeding them to a salamander).

But lately, he doesn't want to eat... Yesterday I tried to give him some mealworms, but he only ate 3 of them - I stood there for over a half-hour. After that, he was looking at food & was interested - but wasn't eating.

I am afraid that something is wrong with him. I'm really worried... Please help! I can upload some pictures if needed.

voyager156 8th September 2019 10:36

Re: My tiger salamander stopped eating - help
Previously I have to dig him up to feed him. But for some time now he is (most of the time) visible - eg. his head is protruding from the substrate.

Ps. I tried to edit the post above and insert this text there - but I don't know how... So I write this as a separate post.

GingerRaccoon 9th November 2019 03:25

Re: My tiger salamander stopped eating - help
Did you ever figure out what to do? My tiger salamander has stopped eating and Iím not sure what to do with him!

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