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Ashleighj 11th January 2019 19:33

New Axolotl mama!!

Iím new here so Just wanted to drop in and say hello 😊

Iíve recently acquired some Axolotl eggs (which wasnít planned) Iíve found this forum super helpful for getting info to help me with them so thanks guys!

I do have a couple of questions though if anyone can help? Some of my babies have hatched a fair few days ago now but still have some not yet hatched, is there a way to know if these guys will ever hatch or if they have died in the eggs?

And also out of the ones who have hatched Iíve had 4 die 😔 all of them being my albino ones. Is this a common thing with albinos or is it pure coincidence?

Thank you in advance for any info 😊

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