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TmanNZ 20th April 2016 03:41

Help Beginner prepare before getting Fire Bellied Newts.
So basically, I have 2 empty 55 Litre Tanks that I am wanting to set up for Fire Bellied Newts and run them off of 1 filter which is a Sunsun 304b uv canister filter.

For my set ups I was thinking on making Half Land, Half Water style tanks, but that seems a bit simple and I so would like to try to make a simple Paludarium with plants/moss growing off a wall with shelves that act as the Land Mass, much like the video at the end of this post.

I have read up on the care sheets of Newts but I am unsure whether to get Japanese or Chinese, it will probably just be what I can find available as they are pretty scarce in my country.

Also, I would like to begin breeding them in the future but this is a bit out of scope for me at the moment, just thought I would note that down.

Any ideas and criticism is greatly appreciated!

Chinadog 20th April 2016 07:04

Re: Help Beginner prepare before getting Fire Bellied Newts.
Hi, welcome to the site. :)
The care requirements of both species are almost Identical, Japanese firebellies are more tolerant of elevated temperatures than Chinese, but they are both cold water species.
Plaudarium type tanks aren't needed for either species as both, when healthy, are almost 100% aquatic in captivity. If you do decide to try a plaudarium, It needs to contain at least 10 gallons of water to be thermally stable enough for newts, the more, the better though, as any land areas will rarely, if ever be used.
The real problem with Chinese firebellies, or any other wild caught, pet trade newts, is finding healthy ones. By the time they reach the shops they are highly stressed at best, but more often they are too sick and starved to survive. If at all possible, I would urge you to try and find captive bred newts rather than trying to save dying ones from pet shops, but I don't know what's available in your part of the world. You can use the search function to find countless threads on petstore firebellies that won't eat or go in the water to give you a good idea of the problems involved.

TmanNZ 20th April 2016 19:15

Re: Help Beginner prepare before getting Fire Bellied Newts.
The Paludarium Idea is just because I love the idea of having a little living biome of both terrestial and aquatic plants. There would be very little land mass, except two small shelves just above the water level just for the newts to chill on because we do not have many floating cold water plants readily available here.
Also, I already know about the horrid lives of Petstore newts and to be very honest, Pet Store Newts are very rare in New Zealand. I don't know why but I'm guessing import cost may be expensive or it could even be illegal, we have very strict biosecurity laws. I would say about 90% of all FBN's in New Zealand are captive bred. I have already sourced 2 possible breeders, one been quite close to me, and they both seem to have very good reviews and healthy looking Newts, but before buying I wish to work on my set up. I think I might go down the Paludarium Approach.
Thanks for the info!

Chinadog 20th April 2016 19:54

Re: Help Beginner prepare before getting Fire Bellied Newts.
It's nice to see somebody put in the leg work to find captive bred newts, you should end up with happy healthy stock if you go down that route.
I can understand the appeal of plaudarium style set ups, they can look beautiful and I wouldn't say they can't work for newts, they can, but only if there's enough water in there. Highly aquatic species like Chinese firebellies need to have at least 10 gallons of water in there to keep the temperature and water quality stable enough.

TmanNZ 21st April 2016 04:06

Re: Help Beginner prepare before getting Fire Bellied Newts.
Thank you for clarifying why I need a minimum of 10 gallons of water, I got a bit confused reading that the first time.
After studying a bit about paludariums, I think they are a bit too high maintenance, but I am still going to try and create some sort of living moss wall just to decorate the tank, I will probably use Java Moss as I like its tendency to climb out of the water as well, I may also try some other mosses.

I dont think I will have any dedicated land masses but I will probably make or buy a small floating island just so that opportunity is there to fully get out of the water. I will probably make this buy getting a sheet of glass and siliconing flat rocks to it with small gaps to pack moss into and maybe even larger plants.

I think I will go and start some plans and maybe even some drawings and then start a Log of my progress!

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