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karen 5th February 2006 03:17

I currently have a Fluval-1 filter in my tank for my 2 eastern newts. It's a 10 gallon tank that's filled half-way with water. I think it's a great filter, but I believe the current it produces is too strong for my newts. There's no adjustment valve on the output and I've tried moving the filter to different positions but I think my newts are stressed from it, which has contributed to some odd behavior on their part. Can anyone recommend a good filter for such a small volume of water? I'd prefer it not give off too much heat either, as to not raise the water temperature. Thanks for any input.

mark 5th February 2006 05:54

Karen, I would recommend a Duetto-50. It has an adjustable water flow and is smaller than your Fluval-1. I've use them and they are very reliable.

jennifer 5th February 2006 19:32

I agree with Mark's recommendation - the Duetto-50 has the lowest flow rate and lowest wattage (heat) of any submersible. If you are willing to tolerate the noise of an air pump, you could also consider switching to a bubble-driven filter, which won't produce any heat at all. Two easterns in a 10-gallon tank don't really need much filtration at all.

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